Heart-Shaped Dhoklis for Valentine’s Day!

This is Valentine’s Day weekend. We happened across this enticing recipe from Toka Box, an educational organization in California. With its heart-shaped homemade Dhokli, it’s timely and too good not to share! Dal Dhokli is a spicy, satisfying Gujarati main-course recipe that’s ideal to curl up with on a chilly February night. Dhokli are spiced […]

Powerful Paneer for Heart & Soul

Paneer has been called a “vegetarian’s best friend.” Paneer is a nutritious fresh cheese that’s made in much the same way as Italian ricotta. An acid, like lemon juice, is added to hot milk. The curds are strained and pressed into firm blocks, which are cut into cubes. Paneer is a staple in Indian cooking […]

Organic & Non-GMO Project Verified For Your Peace of Mind

At Indianlife we believe that what’s not in our food is as important as what’s inside. We’ve always used organic ingredients in our healthy, all natural products. We also believe you should be able to choose what you eat. We support GMO labeling and are proud to offer a growing selection of Non-GMO Project Verified […]

Vegetarian/vegan diets: A great way to help the planet in 2019

Climate change made headlines in a new way in 2018. As reported by The World Meteorological Organization — an intergovernmental organization of 191 national meteorological services, such as the US National Weather Service, the UK Met Office and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology — the past 4 years have been the hottest on record. In […]

Shop our new online store!

You asked … we listened! Our new online store enables you to order your favorite Indianlife products and have them delivered to your door. Choose your favorite chips, select an Indianlife Signature Spice, sauce or snack. At the moment we are not able to offer refrigerated or frozen items for online sale, but we’ll be […]

New Year, New Diet: Healthy & Easy Vegan/Vegetarian Entrees!

Our all natural, restaurant quality “Heat And Serve” authentic Indian Whole Meals feature the freshest all natural and organic ingredients with no preservatives, food colors, MSG or other additives. Each cholesterol-free vegetarian or vegan family recipe has been handed down through generations but is yours in as little as 10 minutes. Awarded “Best Bite” status […]

Samosas: World Party Platter Favorites

Samosas are a food that’s truly captured the world’s imagination. In Canada they’re recognized as a national hors d’oeuvre. In the UK, April 9 – 13, 2018 was designated “National Samosa Week” (all money collected was donated to charity). What makes samosas so special? Primarily the pastry. Samosa pastry must have just the right “bite” […]

Create an Indianlife Appetizer Buffet!

Looking for a delicious way to spice up your holiday menu? At Indianlife amazing appetizers are our specialty! They’ll help you reduce stress during the hectic holidays because they’re easy to prepare, effortless to serve and popular with vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Two time-proven favorites are our pakoras and samosas. With a range of pakora, […]

Help Food Banks in Wake of 2018 Disasters

2018 marked some of the deadliest storms in North American history. Many families are finding themselves without a home for the holidays, and stocks at food banks throughout North America are at their lowest. Food banks usually see a surge in demand during the summer months, depleting stocks just in time for fall fire and […]

Diwali: The Festival of Lights

Diwali: Festival of Lights November 7 we join millions the world over in celebrating the South Asian festival of Diwali, also known as The Festival of Lights. Diwali is an annual international celebration of joy. Fireworks light up the sky; tea lights and candles brighten our homes as colorful costumes and dancing fills the street. […]

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    • Simmer Sauces That Make Meals Easy, Exciting & Affordable

      2020 marks a year of change for the world -- and home chefs worldwide have spoken. They want a "Pandemic Pantry" well-stocked with the essentials needed to prepare healthy, affordable, quick and easy meals. Our Indianlife Cooking Sauces create healthy, restaurant quality Indian meals in minutes for the ultimate in cooking convenience. Soon to be your "go-to" favourite for everything…
    • One-Pot Coconut Cashew Pasta Curry

      Home holiday meals call for easy, elegant side dishes! This healthy one-pot recipe is deliciously simple to make. "One pot" meals are awesome -- ingredients cook together so the entire dish is ready at once with less cleanup. The secret of success with these recipes is adding all ingredients at specific times so they cook perfectly. For this recipe, we…

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