Appetizers That Make Entertaining Easier

It’s easy to lay out an international appetizer platter with our award winning Indianlife Pakoras and Samosas.. Both are among the most popular Indian menu items in restaurants and homes worldwide! What’s more, they’re Vegetarian Times “Foodie” award winners, as healthy as they are delicious. And of course, Indianlife Pakoras and Samosas never contain preservatives, […]

Cultural Exchange: Enchiladas Indianlife Style

Enchiladas are one of life’s joys! In North America, diverse varieties of enchiladas reign as favorites at Mexican Restaurants. In Mexico, they’re one of the most popular foods sold by street vendors. The term “enchilada” means “dipped in Chili.” Traditional Mexican enchiladas are made from a tortilla dipped in chili sauce and stuffed with cheese […]

Heart-Shaped Dhoklis for Valentine’s Day!

This is Valentine’s Day weekend. We happened across this enticing recipe from Toka Box, an educational organization in California. With its heart-shaped homemade Dhokli, it’s timely and too good not to share! Dal Dhokli is a spicy, satisfying Gujarati main-course recipe that’s ideal to curl up with on a chilly February night. Dhokli are spiced […]

New Year, New Diet: Healthy & Easy Vegan/Vegetarian Entrees!

Our all natural, restaurant quality “Heat And Serve” authentic Indian Whole Meals feature the freshest all natural and organic ingredients with no preservatives, food colors, MSG or other additives. Each cholesterol-free vegetarian or vegan family recipe has been handed down through generations but is yours in as little as 10 minutes. Awarded “Best Bite” status […]

Samosas: World Party Platter Favorites

Samosas are a food that’s truly captured the world’s imagination. In Canada they’re recognized as a national hors d’oeuvre. In the UK, April 9 – 13, 2018 was designated “National Samosa Week” (all money collected was donated to charity). What makes samosas so special? Primarily the pastry. Samosa pastry must have just the right “bite” […]

Create an Indianlife Appetizer Buffet!

Looking for a delicious way to spice up your holiday menu? At Indianlife amazing appetizers are our specialty! They’ll help you reduce stress during the hectic holidays because they’re easy to prepare, effortless to serve and popular with vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Two time-proven favorites are our pakoras and samosas. With a range of pakora, […]

Perfect Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte

Sweet, spicy and rejuvenating for the senses, chai is the perfect drink for chilly days! And to celebrate American Thanksgiving with our US friends, this recipe combines everyone’s fall fave pumpkin spice with healthy Indianlife Chai Masala and brown sugar! Serves 2 to 4 people Pumpkin Spice Blend: 1 cup pumpkin puree 3/4 cup raw […]

Refreshing Bombay-style Street Sandwiches

In the bustling streets of Mumbai and Bombay, savvy street vendors elevate the sandwich to an art form. There are as many street food kiosks as there are vendors and sandwich varieties. While it can take hours to prepare each ingredient from scratch, Indianlife makes it easy with fresh-ground spices, chutneys and more! These cities […]

Souvlaki Tikka Wraps

Here is an easy-to-prepare, light summer meal for all to enjoy!   Ingredients: Souvlaki Pita or Any Pita bread 4 -5 pcs Jar of Indianlife Tikka Masala Sauce 1/2 of red bell pepper 1/2 of green bell pepper 1/2 of yellow bell pepper 1 onion 4 mushrooms 125 -150 g of paneer diced cubes   […]

Sweet, Sensational Indian Carrot Pudding (Gajar Halwa)

Sweet & spicy Indian Carrot Pudding (Gujar Halwa) is one of our favorites and we’re betting it will become one of yours too! Our recipe features finely grated organic carrots, simmered with milk (vegan or dairy) and Indianlife Non-GMO Homestyle Ghee, and seasoned with Indian spices. Gujar Halwa provides vitamin A, Vitamin K, dietary fiber […]

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    • Ayurveda: “Spring Cleaning” for mind, body & soul

      Ayurveda is the traditional Hindu system of medicine - and the world's oldest. But its ancient wisdom is confirmed by modern science. Today we know that health depends on a balance between mind, body and spirit, the founding principle of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word which means ‘five actions’ or ‘five treatments'. Anti-aging, healing therapies, purification and rejuvenation programs…
    • Ghee: Your Go-To for a Delicious Detox

      Ghee (or clarified butter), is one of Ayurveda’s most powerful “ancient allies”. Rich in important medium-chain fatty acids, it's considered one of the healthiest cooking fats. In Ayurveda, ghee plays an important role in detoxification too. While most people have heard of juice cleanses, did you know that ghee can be used as part of a cleansing diet? Ghee provides…

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