Give A Gift, Get A Gift when you give an Indianlife Variety Gift Box

Chances are you have some “foodies” on your holiday gift shopping list — or friends to whom healthy foods and snacks that are ready-to-eat and easy to prepare are a lifeline. The coronavirus pandemic is forcing people to stay and work from home, and many of us are cooking more at home than ever before.

That’s why edible gourmet gifts are all the rage this holiday season. And it’s easy to give
gifts of “great taste” with Indianlife! This year, we’re offering West Coast customers the chance to “Give a Gift, Get a Gift.” Gift someone an Indianlife Variety Gift Box and we’ll gift YOU $10 credit at our online store at

Please Note: This offer is only available to customers in British Columbia, Washington State, Oregon and California. Order as soon as possible for on-time Holiday delivery. Indianlife Foods is not responsible for shipping delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic; shipping delays due to the pandemic may occur. Online store credit will be issued upon Holiday Gift Box payments being received and processed. Online Store credit will be issued in the form of a single-use coupon code, which will be emailed to you. One $10 Coupon per Gift Box purchase.

Orders are subject to product inventory. Indianlife Food Corp. reserves the right to substitute Soft Chapati in place of Soft Roti, Black Pepper or Cumin papadum in place of Plain Papadum and Indianlife Curry Powder in place of Garam masala if inventory is low on any of the below items. Ordering as soon as possible is your best option to avoid potential product substitutions or shipping delays.

Our Variety Gift Box includes some of our best-sellers:

1 pkt Garlic Naan 500g /Net Wt.17.6 oz

1 pkt Soft Roti 500g /Net Wt.17.6oz

1 pkt Masala Chips  170g/ Net Wt. 6oz

1 pkt Dal Mix 200g /Net Wt. 7oz

1 pkt Plain Papadum 120g /Net Wt. 4.2oz

1 jar Butter Masala Sauce 360 ml /11.5 oz

1 jar Mango Chutney 250ml /8.4 oz

1 tin Garam Masala 42.5g /1.5 oz

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