Flat Breads

The ancient art of making Flatbreads dates back thousands of years. “Roti”, the generic name for Indian bread, is the most basic Indian staple. Recipes for Roti are as varied as the many cultures that have blended with our own.

Indianlife Rotis are all natural with organic ingredients and no preservatives or additives. Just pure, wholesome flour and the right amount of seasoning to enhance any hot or cold meal.

Traditionally used to scoop up Dal or vegetables, Roti is a staple in every Indian kitchen. Indianlife Rotis are the favorite of gourmets worldwide because our roti rolls up perfectly to create delicious wraps for sandwiches, appetizers or hot meals!

For a delicious complement to grilled food or sandwiches, try Indianlife Paratha — a multilayered flatbread baked with oil for a rich taste. And Indianlife pitas hold any fixings in style with just the perfect “bite.” There’s an Indianlife flatbread for every meal, and every taste.