Samosas (Samosas, pronounced sah-MOH-sahs) have become one of the world’s most popular appetizers and are recognized in Canada as a national hors d’oeuvre. These tasty triangles originally hail from the Middle East.

Indianlife Samosas are special – Vegetarian Times “Foodie” award winners and exclusive family recipes that feature the perfect dough: light and flaky with just the right “bite.”

Passed from generation to generation, our original all natural vegetarian Samosas feature pastry blended from organic flour, sea salt and Non-GMO oil using Ancient techniques. We wrap their flaky goodness around modern gourmet fillings of delicately spiced vegetables. Our delightful samosas are then individually quick frozen to maintain freshness.

Indianlife Samosas are a great way to help kids eat a healthy diet. Our variety of flavors ensure there’s one to please every palate! Enjoy with our included Tamarind or mango sauces, the traditional accompaniment. Or enjoy our taste-tempting triangles with chili sauce, sweet and sour sauce, sour cream or yogurt. With Indianlife Samosas, your options are limited only by your imagination!