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Cumin Papadum

Product Ingredients :
Lentil flour, water, salt, sodium bicarbonate, cumin, black pepper, asofetida and sunflower oil.

Allergy information: This product is manufactured in a facility which processes peanuts, tree nuts wheat and milk products.

Cooking / Heat Directions :
Serve as an appetizer or use as a dip with chutney or as complement to your main meal. Best when grilled on open flame with a wire mesh on top off the stove. Use tongs to flip the papadum back and forth to get even cooking, but you have to be fast and careful. To microwave: Lightly coat both sides with small amount of vegetable oil and microwave for 45 seconds by turning it over halfway to get even cooking. Depending on microwave wattage you may need to adjust the time. To Fry: Heat 1" -1.5" of vegetable oil in a frying pan. Test the oil for right temperature and fry papadum for few seconds to 15 -30 seconds.Remove from pan with tongs and drain oil on paper towels.

Papad Cumin Papadums 8pkts x 4.23oz (120g)

SKU: 777762001513
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