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You asked for it, here it is! Our convenient culinary stars-- Indianlife Cooking Sauces -- in one Sauce Sampler that lets you vary meals and flavors with ease. Each delicious blend is a traditional family recipe crafted using the freshest
all-natural ingredients and our signature spices...and creates healthy, restaurant quality Indian meals in minutes! Enjoy with the protein of your choice, pasta, vegetables and more. The "go-to" for everything from sandwich fixings to stir fries.

This variety pack includes 6 Jars (11.5 oz/360ml)

1 Jar of Almond Korma: Silky flavor, creamy texture and gently toasted spices that turn any dish into something special. Vegetarian (contains dairy).

1 Jar of Vegan Coconut Cashew: Coconut milk, cashew nuts, and our exclusive Masala blend. Kids love vegetables simmered in sweet Coconut Cashew!

2 Jars of Vegan Curry: Simmer some spicy curry! Subtly spiced for aromatic perfection. Our signature curry sauce that vegans and non-vegans love.

1 Jar of Vegetarian Indianlife Butter Masala: Our authentic vegetarian Butter Masala, blending tangy tomatoes and spicy heat with cream, and our "secret recipe" of classic spices.

1 Jar of Vegetarian Tikka Masala: This rich, spiced-just-right creamy tomato-based sauce with yogurt and is the base for many popular Indian classics.


Sauce Sampler Variety Pack

SKU: SKU 20085
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