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This variety pack includes:

1 pkt Garlic Naan 500g /Net Wt.17.6 oz

1 pkt Soft Roti 500g /Net Wt.17.6oz

1 pkt Masala Chips  170g/ Net Wt. 6oz

1 pkt Dal Mix 200g /Net Wt. 7oz

1 pkt Plain Papadum 120g /Net Wt. 4.2oz

1 jar Butter Masala Sauce 360 ml /11.5 oz

1 jar Mango Chutney 250ml /8.4 oz

1 tin Garam Masala 42.5g /1.5 oz

Please note that we may substitute Soft Roti with Soft Chapati, Plain Papadum with Black Pepper or Cumin papadum and Garam masala with Curry powder if we are low on inventory on items that are above.


Variety Pack of Indianlife products

SKU: SKU 7806
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