Here’s what our customers say about our all natural, healthy authentic Indian foods!

Hey Indian Life… Your chips have filled a void in my life and if it weren’t for them I might not still be here. I have got all of my friends and family and some nice strangers at London drugs on your fenugreek and spinach chips. If you’re ever looking to sponsor someone, please look no further. I am more than willing to be your ambassador. In other words, please send me some chips.

Tallulah, North Vancouver, BC

Your Roti is fabulous. Your roti’s are a regular
part of our diet and am anxious to find an alternate supply as my local store runs out regularly.

Jeremy T. , Victoria, BC

Demo Feedbacks: Customer Comments from some of our Demos:

Your dal Mix is delicious, Great flavours on your snacks, Papadums Umm – one of my favourites.

I love your Dal and Punjabi Mix, They are delicious, Great flavour, Glad to see this is non-gmo, Naan bread Ummm – I love it, Masala chips are delicious, nice crisp and light.

I love your Punjabi Mix, My mom used to make it for me.

I think your Dal Mix is delicious, What a nice snack with good source of protein, Naan bread – I love it, your wraps has a good texture, better than regular tortillas.

Your Naan is delicious, I can taste the difference on your wraps.

This is a nice product, I love your Naans, Spinach is my kind.

These are really nice and tasty – I had this kind of sauces before but yours are delicious, your curry sauce is delicious, I will try a butter one today.

These are high quality sauces, like restaurant quality: ) Love the flavour and convenience.

This is probably the best butter sauce I have had, Is this spicy? Glad you have options, These are perfect with Naan bread, Yummy!!! I will tray jar today. Your Tikka Masala is too spicy for me, but do love your Butter sauce.

These are great sauces, I love your product, They really taste Good.

I love your sauces – these are great and convent, Are these vegan. How do I serve your sauces, Love Indian Food and these are nice. Love Naan Bread – Garlic is my favourite one.

These chips are delicious, Light Love the flavour of your Masala Chips, I do not need to dip anything, they are just good alone, I get your products already and we love it.

Demo Feedbacks

I hope this finds you all well and safe during these difficult times. I am writing to tell you that I find your products to be somewhat of a miracle. And I thank you for creating miracles. All my life I have not understood why people like chips. I have never enjoyed them and rarely eat them except at gatherings and then I stop after 2 chips.Recently a Healthy Planet store opened in Kanata, Ontario and they stock your products. The sales staff recommended your products and I am always keen to try something new.I immediately fell in Love with your Naan chips as well as the Masala chips. Naan are my Favourite!!!

This is the first time in my entire life that I have enjoyed the taste and texture of a chip! And I appreciate that they are lightly salted…Then I bought your frozen Samosas and had the same reaction… they are perfectly spiced and wonderfully delicious!!!

Please continue creating your high quality and fabulously delicious products. I am also looking forward to trying your Mango Chutney in the near future.Well done! 👏🏼

Congratulations on your FINE Products … I don’t know where they’ve been all my life.Take good care of yourself – Stay Home – while our 

🌎 Earth 🌏 has this brief time to heal.

Lori L


My daughter and I bought masala peas, sundried and basil wraps, few bags of those fabulous tasting chips and sauces, garlic naans, butter and tikka masala as well. We love flavor and spices and I must say that’s what Indianlife is putting out there and for that I must say thank you and continued success. Our society is gearing towards a happier and healthier us today which will lead to a brighter future. We want flavor. Indianlife is giving exactly that. Love your products. Continue to do what you do…educate, give us a taste/samples which will allow us to choose and buy your products. I will for sure continue buying your products for my health and deliciousness. Health is wealth!!!

Sabrina R
Mississauga, ON

I bought two bags of your Masala chips and a bottle of the Mango chutney,so yummy. That night some friends came over and I offered them the chips, it was a big hit. Excellent product!

Dale J
Mississauga, ON

I bought a bag of your masala chips on a whim, and was awestruck at how delicious they were! I had to stop myself from polishing off the whole bag in one sitting! Thank you so much for making such a great product!

Kelly, BC

My husband and I really enjoyed the masala chips with the mango chutney, it went so well together. The sweetness from the chutney and the slight salt from the chips perfect match. The chutney went really well with naan bread as suggested. Last, but certainly not least we loved, loved the samosa chips. I would highly recommend Indianlife products to my family and friends. To me it’s “clean” snacks I can eat without feeling like I have put preservatives and all the other additives that the other brands of Indian snacks contain. Thank you and continue to produce healthy snacks that people like myself who are very health conscious love.

Mala, Ontario

Hello, I just want to say how grateful I am to be able to eat your wonderful products. I live on a Gulf Island and buy your naans, chapatis, and wraps all the time, sometimes too much in fact! One of my favorites is your masala wrap. Also I love the chapatis, they’re sooooo tasty! Thank you so much for producing healthy, Non-GMO foods! You are the best!

Jesse D, Salt Spring Island

I am completely addicted to both of the Samosa and Masala Chips. I bought the small bags to test them out, just went back to grab the big bags. Addicted, best chips I have ever tried. Thank you for making them vegan and non-gmo!

Sarah W, Ontario

Thank you, thank you, for labelling your product (spinach wrap) with non GMO certified. I applaud you and only wish every company did the same.


Your masala chips were one of the best voted products from our team for the chfa show this year !. How nice is that ?

Donna, Vancouver Island

“Hi! I just wanted to show some gratitude, to say thank you for your delicious products of high quality. A friend of mine sent many of them for me to try (I am in Montreal, Canada), knowing that I have a very rare stomach disease and cannot eat just anything, but all of your products have been very beneficial to me, they have helped me a lot. Once again: thank you, it was a real pleasure to taste your wonderful products!”

Marie-Helene, Montreal

“I am just wondering where I can purchase your products in Ontario. I bought your wraps at whole foods and they are the best wraps I have ever had. Unfortunately, the closest whole foods is 2 1/2 hrs from me. I live in Kincardine, ON. Is there anywhere closer. That carries your wraps? Thanks!”

Tiffany, Ontario

“for many yrs I’ve been into organic quality foods,seldom buy frozen meals as usually poor ingredients etc,,, decided to try one[chick pea, Bombay],found it SOO good & tasty,had to let you know,I’m so appreciative to have an alternative now to making my own,,I’m young senior,& making meals for 1 harder[& on disability],it was all soo tasty,even the chappatti,was surprised it could taste so good,could have eaten more,lol,& good org ingredients, thank you so much for your prodcuts. I’d recomend them to others,I’m not east indian tho LOVE the food[I’ve been to India]my friends seem to never try these foods,as they say its all too hot,but its not all hot,,I also don’t like hot either,you make great products,,so thank you Diana[Kelowna B.C.]”

Diana, Kelowna

“I was in my grocery store in Port Credit, Cousins and noticed that they are now carrying India Life Products. I was so happy! Being a Chef I don’t always have the time to try and create wholesome, authentic fare. I have been experimenting with Indian cuisine for many years and have found India Life products to be the real deal. Not only are they Vegan but they taste amazing. Try making an Indian pizza with their garlic naan. I make a coriander pesto and add chicken, onion and goat cheese to the naan and cook in the oven for 12 minutes. Amazing. Tonight I will trying their Pakoras with a Tiger Beer!”

Linda Clarke, Ontario

“Oh my goodness! Me and my husband usually order takeout if we are craving Indian food and usually we spend a lot of money. But I had tried samples at the Healthy Planet store in Etobicoke and was floored by how good it was. I’ve made the sauces Korma and Coconut Cashew so far and have to say these are far better than the restaurant we order from. It was so easy to put together. In 30 minutes you get a healthy dish that’s tastes homemade. Can’t wait to try the other flavours!”

Nadia, Ontario

“Thanks for introducing us to Indianlife Samosas and Pakoras. In Burlington, we do not have an Indian Food Store close to where we live. When we get a craving or I have made some homemade Indian food that needs Samosas or Pakoras to be complete, I have tried other prepared brands from a variety of supermarkets. All have been uniformly disappointing – a few grey peas, bland spicing, mostly potatoes (in the samosas), and poor texture. Indian Life Appetizers are very different – they taste fresh and lively and are full of colourful vegetables. The pastry is crisp but not greasy, and the spicing is complex and aromatic. They are also not too hot for my guest that are not used to hot foods. I really like the chutney included as well. These products are outstanding and I will be proud and pleased to serve them to my friends and family alike this Holiday season and beyond. We look forward to trying some of the other entrees as well. All the best!”

Malou Twynam, Ontario

“I wanted to pass along this brief Testimonial to you about how much I LOVE your families delicious Samosas! The fresh Samosas that I eat a couple of times a week from the Indianlife company, are the most delicious prepared food, that I have ever tasted. Delicious to me means more than just how something tastes when I’m eating it. Delicious means, that my whole body feels good after I have eaten something, which is why the only processed food that I eat are ones that I am absolutely sure, contain No preservatives or MSG, (or any other flavour enhancing but health decreasing chemicals). I know that these Samosas are 100% clean food because I feel nourished, energized and happy after eating them. Usually when I buy these Samosas, I eat them in the car before I have a chance to get home, but thanks to a tip, I tried making little slits in the top of the pastry (oh my gosh the delicious pastry melts in my mouth) and broiling them in the oven, flipping them after about 3 minutes. Heaven is my best descriptor! I thank you from my heart and also on behalf of my family for the amazing care to quality fresh and whole foods, and spices that make your food such a healthy treat. Sincerely and with gratitude, PS really great to meet you yesterday, please keep doing what you are doing, it will change the world for the better, healthy food for healthy bodies and minds!”

William (Doug) Lawson, Burlington, Ontario

“I just wanted to give you my feedback on your products that I tried. The Masala Peas are the best, the flavour and the crunch make them very addictive. I also really loved the Dal Mix. These two have become my new snacks and I have already introduced about six of my friends to them. I also purchased your Butter Masala sauce, I really enjoyed the flavour and the texture of the sauce. It was seasoned nicely with just enough heat and left room for me to add my own little twist to the taste. I had it with vegetables and my family enjoyed it immensely. The leftovers became breakfast with some fresh Chapati. I look forward to trying more of your products and wanted to thank you for taking time to show me all your products in the store. All the best and continued success.”

Lou-Ann, Toronto, Ontario

“After having your frozen food entrees and appetizers, I must say that IndianLife is not only exceptionally tasting, but affordable. It definitely is “Tradition in a Box”. By far, your entrees are the best frozen Indian Food I have ever had. For frozen, it’s very fresh and oh, so delicious! Forget Indian Food Restaurants, IndianLife is the way to go! Thank you so much for sharing IndianLife with us”

Robin Zigelstein, Thornhill, Ontario

“I love the India Life Wraps, and in particular, the spinach wrap! Not only are these wraps delicious and the best wraps I have ever tasted but they are healthy too! I have served them many times for lunches and every time people ask me where I got them and to see the package. I love their texture, great taste and flavours, large size and the fact that they are made with organic, all natural ingredients and no preservatives, MSG or yeast. Since discovering India Life wraps, they are the only wraps I buy as none others compare. I am so disappointed if they are out of stock at my local stores and wonder if you can please expand your distribution so that I can buy them everywhere. Thanks for creating rthese delicious, healthy wraps. I look forward to trying more Indianlife products”

Judy Chambers, Toronto,Ontario

“Elementary school teachers in multicultural Toronto get introduced to foods from around the world at school events. I tasted samosas for the first time at a school luncheon and have been eating them ever since; none compared to the ones in my old school that were lovingly prepared by parents.No more do I yearn for those school samosas, I found some delicious tasty Indianlife herb samosas, plump with an excellent filling, a pastry that not only looked healthy but is actually a tasty treat & as delicious as the homemade ones from school. With a salad this makes a perfect meal for me and I have been stopping at Fiesta Farms as often as I can for this ‘homemade’ delicious, mini-feast … good to go!”

Phyllis Broom-Walker, Ontario

“I am addicted to your Dal Mix! I lived in India for a year and just a handful of this tasty snack brings back great memories. It may sound crazy, but my salads just aren’t the same without the crunchy goodness!”

Carrie P, Ontario

“We love samosas as a light , nutritious lunch or snack, and most are hit or miss; we found Indian Life samosas at Whole Foods and they are sublime; ideal size, perfectly seasoned, and a crisp, fresh, golden, non-greasy crust…Addictive!!!”

Mrs. Cundari, 

Oh my! We swooned at the amazing and delicious pakoras (by far the most wonderful I have EVER tasted). As well, the chutney was most perfect balance of sweet, SPICY – what a fabulous treat. Thank you very much!


“I love the snacks! I add them to salads at lunch or even over veggies at dinner.”

Mary Kate Fellows Russell

I bought a package of your Punjabi Mix snack at my local grocery store. I thought it was delicious, and have since bought another package. What I particularly like is that those tasty little pieces taste so fresh, compared to many other snack foods available. It is an excellent product.

Mrs Jean Bruce,  Vancouver Island

I was able to get my account figured out. I was wondering if I was to buy a case of Punjabi Mix, Dahl, and Chevdo do you have any idea what my duty would be here in the US on that? Just a rough guess would help. Also I live in Reno NV and use this stuff backpacking and love it. Does anyone in my neighborhood sell it?


I recently purchased one of your products, Hot Punjabi Mix, at the Food Coop in Arcata, California. I sent some to my daughter in Utah. Now that we are both hooked, I can’t find that particular snack at that store. Can you help me?

John Day, Brookings, Oregon

I have recently discovered some of your snack items and I loved them. I would like to carry them in my shop in Waterloo Ontario.

Thanks for your assistance.

Judy Horn

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Your Chip Pea Wrap is so good. I am not normally into packaged foods, but I thought I would try yours hoping it would be tastier than essential sandwiches. I am really enjoying it, the spices are so great. Plus, the ingredients seem natural and nutritious. As a note to your marketing dept., I am not opposed to GMO oil, I am one of the few environmentalists that thinks GMOs have benefits. That is beside the point though, your product is great and I am going to buy more.

Dayna Loeffler


I was wondering if we can buy Indian life products in Calgary, AB? I had a friend that let me try your Masala Peas and they are wonderful. I would love to get more but I don’t know how. If I can receive any reply that would be great. Thank you.


Anna Hu

We love your bread! I tried to use your store locater and it would not work for me. Could you please tell me what stores in our area carry your wonderful product line?
We are in North York ON M5M 4N8.

Thank you,
Ada Kelley

Best spinach wrap (chipati) we ever had. Hope our store, New Leaf in Felton, California continues to carry them. How about Whole Foods?

I just purchased Indian Life roti wraps for quick and convenient lunches. All I can say is thank you for making healthy and tasty vegetarian products! I’m thrilled to have found your products!

Thank You,

Catherine Craven, Victoria BC

My family and I have been regular consumers of your Bean & Cheese Roti Rolls for several years. We enjoy them a lot and find them healthy and nutritious. We would like to buy larger quantities than what is usually available at our local store.

Emanuele Porra

I just tried some of your Hot Punjabi Mix for the first time – excellent and not too salty! I look forward to trying some more of your Snacks. I see from your store locator that there are several stores on Victoria Dr. which are fairly near to my home.

Anne Shorter

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We are a health food store in Penticton BC. We tried your product and would love to order it. Do you do your own distributing or who does it for you?? If you could let us know that would be great because we are eager to carry your product. They are very good. Have a wonderful day, and thank you for your time.

Kind Regards,

Vanessa Bird
Vitamin King

I tried one of your products for the first time today. I purchased a package of Dal Mix. I just ate half the bag along with a bottle of very excellent beer from a small brewery here in Kitchener. Our next door neighbours are from Punjab, so my wife and I are learning about food from that part of the world.



Hello! I picked up a bag of DAL MIX on a recent road trip and I absolutely love it. I own a small health food store and I am wondering if I might be able to sell your product here. Or at the very least order some for personal consumption!

Trisha Fanning

I have to tell you, for some time now we have used and LOVED your garlic naan bread. We recommend it to all our friends.It makes a perfect pizza crust. We just toast it in the oven a little, to prevent the sauce from soaking in. Then we add our toppings and broil it.It’s also great as an appetizer. We warm it in foil, then we serve it with balsamic vinegar and vegetable oil for dipping. I’m going to look over your recipes and see about introducing a more traditional garlic naan dish into our diet.

N.Anderson and B.Thorne

Hi – just wanted to let you know that we purchased your Indian Bread – I believe at a Safeway store (I cant quite remember!) but we really enjoyed it!!! It is the kind of bread that my husband and I really like and it was
very good! When I searched your website – they couldnt match me up w/ which store carries your product and I cant remember now…. Can you let me know which stores carry this product in Denver, CO? I would appreciate it…

Also, I didnt see any recipes and wonder if you have a booklet of these collections? They sound very good…

Thank you… Leslie Bassett

I am just ADDICTED to your Masala Peas. However,is there any way you can send me the nutritional info (fat gr, pro, carb gr, calories, etc) ? Maybe that way i can limit how much of it i eat! Please and thank you…

Also, your location in Burnaby is near my area. Is that just the head office, or do you have a store there too?
Thank you!
Masala Peas Addict

Marlene Silva

I have been making rotis for over 20 years and I have tried your different rotis on the market and found your NEW SOFT ROTI the best.  So much easier when I get home from work. I just put them on my grill and turn over and they puff right up like ones u make at home. I have recommended these to my sisters who are ‘ old school’.  We are a family who have been in Canada since 1904. So this is really something to buy go out and buy Rotis after all these years. Also I do keep a couple a packs in the freezer in case company drops by.

Thanks again and nice to see you all at the convention centre.


I just tried your frozen Mattar Paneer meal for the first time and it was delicious.

Cari Froeber

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