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Fall Food Trends


September marked our annual pilgrimage to the Canadian Health Food Association East industry show in Toronto. We’re pleased to be able to share some of the healthy Fall food trends coming our way for 2018-2019.

Fermented foods are centuries old. But they’re also today’s newest food trend, and they’re not just for yogurt or kimchi anymore! Fermented foods are an important part of keeping our digestive system healthy and are the traditional way humans have always added probiotics to their diet to maintained healthy gut flora. Indian foods that contain probiotics include Dosa batter, a fermented batter that produces pancakes like the image shown. We’ll have more on fermented foods – including delicious recipes, in coming issues!

Sustainable packaging is another food trend that we’re pleased to see! At Indianlife we’ve been focused on sustainability at every level of our production chain, and it was a pleasure to see the latest innovations.

Interesting beverages, from superfood smoothies and vegetable drinks to unique hot drinks for were also big at this year’s show. Chai is one of the season’s hot beverages, and making your own delicious Chai at home is easy with our Indianlife Chai Masala spice!

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