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Fresh ideas for health: Coriander and cilantro.

Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) is an annual herb native to regions from southern Europe and North Africa to southwestern Asia. The dry fruits of the plant are known as coriander or coriandi seeds; the fresh green leaves are known as cilantro. In India coriander seeds are called dhania. Dhania and cilantro are two of the most basic ingredients in Indian cooking. Coriander seed is a staple in garam masala and our Indianlife curries and healthy frozen entrees. Coriander adds flavor and is a thickener. And our Coriander & Herbs Naan is also rich in this helpful herb. Coriander has been treasured since ancient times. Today Modern science has been catching up with what native peoples worldwide have always known: coriander/cilantro is as beneficial as it is tasty, and is both nutritional and medicinal. Cilantro, the fresh green leaves of the coriander plant, are also used in Indianlife products. One of the benefits of cilantro/coriander is its ability to help us shed toxins. Compounds in the plant have been shown to bind to heavy metals and help transport them out of our body in a process known as chelation. This ability makes coriander and cilantro especially beneficial for people concerned about their mercury levels.

Cilantro oil also helps stimulate digestion, and is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent with anti-bacterial properties. Rich in iron and magnesium, cilantro helps overall immune and digestive system function in a wide variety of ways. And the best part: it’s delicious and versatile too, adding a “just right” spicy touch to dishes.

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