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Healthy Outdoor Activity Tips

It’s no secret that much of North America is feeling the heat this July. If you’re heading out on the trail it’s crucial to stay hydrated. And packing healthy snacks can help you maintain energy and alertness whether it’s a day hike or overnighter.

Once you choose your destination, it’s a good idea to research the site (especially if planning a full-day hike.) Call the park office. Where might emergency water be found nearby? Streams contain bacteria and parasites. So never drink directly from a stream or spring without some type of water purification device.

A few good hydration tips for hot days include: Before beginning, drink a cup or two of water. Limit your caffeinated drinks (coffee, colas) because caffeine increases fluid loss. Alcoholic drinks also cause dehydration. And remember to drink about one quart of fluid per hour. Hiking while dehydrated can lead to serious health issues, including heat stroke, muscle breakdown, and kidney failure.

Food is also important. Packing light (if possible) makes hot weather treking easier. You don’t want to carry too much. And make sure that the foods you take can handle the heat.

Indianlife Snacksare created from our beloved Indian recipes using traditional spices and all natural ingredients.

Protein dense with healthy vegan ingredients including chickpea noodles, lentils and more, Indianlife Snacks are popular with athletes and are a smart, lower sugar choice for nutrition and flavor. Indianlife Snacks also offer something for every taste, from mild to spicy choices, and snacks made with non-GMO sunflower oil.

What are your favorite hydration and hiking snack tips? Post them on our FB page, or email us. We love hearing from you and will share them with or Indianlife Community.

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