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Appetizers That Make Entertaining Easier


It’s easy to lay out an international appetizer platter with our award winning Indianlife Pakoras and Samosas..

Both are among the most popular Indian menu items in restaurants and homes worldwide! What’s more, they’re Vegetarian Times “Foodie” award winners, as healthy as they are delicious. And of course, Indianlife Pakoras and Samosas never contain preservatives, additives or added coloring.

Pakoras are perennial favorites and as appetizers go, “low mess.” Each is a perfect single serving morsel of our protein rich organic batter, fresh herbs and a rainbow of delicious vegetables including potatoes, spinach, cauliflower, onions, paneer (Indian cheese)… and green chilies. Now available in a budget and party-friendly Family Pack, they’re also an excellent entertaining value, and available in two flavors.

Samosas (Samosas, pronounced sah-MOH-sahs) have become one of the world’s most popular appetizers. Our famous Indianlife appetizer-size samosas come in 4 flavors. Each features the flaky goodness of our original all-natural pastry blended from organic flour, sea salt and Non-GMO oil, wrapped around modern gourmet fillings of delicately spiced vegetables.

Serve Pakoras and Samosas on a platter with our Tamarind Chutney that’s included in each package. For even more “wow” appeal pair them with small dishes of our other delicious chutneys for dipping.

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