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Happy International Women’s Day!


International Women’s Day is held this year on March 8, with the 2019 theme #BalanceForBetter. This date is an important one in the fight for equal rights for women. It began when The Socialist Party of America organized a Women’s Day event in February of 1909 in New York. In 1910 the mantle was picked up by the International Socialist Women’s Conference, who suggested that a Women’s Day should be held every year.

In Soviet Russia, women attained suffrage in 1917 – and March 8 became a national Women’s Day holiday there. United States women adopted International Women’s Day around 1967, during the famous “Summer of Love”. It officially became celebrated as International Women’s Day in 1975.

In India, every day is “women’s day”! Our recipes are passed down from Mother to Daughter. We owe a great debt to our wonderful family mothers and daughters for bringing us all our delicious Indianlife recipes!

For example, our delicious Indianlife Chips are a tribute to our beloved sister Savita, who created the recipe that is the base for our four famous chip flavors.

In India, families still pay great attention to what some say is becoming a lost art in the US and other western countries: the family meal. And moms begin to pass down beloved family recipes when their daughter are very young, showing them how to recreate each dish. Indian meals almost always include several dishes, dessert, rice and a flatbread such as chapati, naan or roti.

Have you tried “bringing back” the family meal in your home? Drop us a photo and description of your favorite meal using any Indianlife product. We’ll share it with our Indianlife Community on social media!

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