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Plant-based diets help fight climate change

Summer 2018 will enter the record books for temperatures that have literally set the world on fire. From massive wildfires in Greece, Europe, western parts of Canada and the US, to tragic flooding in Japan and East Asia, record temperatures are being registered worldwide. In Algeria, the hottest temperatures ever were recorded in Africa. And temperatures topping 30 degrees centigrade have even been recorded in the Arctic Circle.

Farmers face challenges from climate change

According to Britain’s The Guardian, farmers in the EU face crop failure and bankruptcy due to 2018’s intense drought. States of emergency have been declared in Lithuania and Latvia. And Swedish fields received only 12% of normal rainfall. Extreme weather is impacting North American farmers too. On the average, crop production drops 10% during drought.

This consensus that climate change threatens our global food supply is not new. In 2016 the Journal Nature published a study verifying that global food production is increasingly likely to be disrupted by climate change-driven extreme weather.

Diet for a cooler planet

All this can seem overwhelming. But small everyday actions can still make big differences. One way we can all help fight climate change is to change the way we think about food.

An assessment by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations states that livestock farming contributes even more to global greenhouse gas emissions than driving transportation. And a study published in Nature found that, by 2050, a projected 80% increase in global greenhouse gas emissions from food production can be avoided, if the global diet is an equal-parts mixture of the Mediterranean, pescetarian and vegetarian diets. The same study found that a global vegetarian diet would be the second most effective of all diets in achieving a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, with a vegan diet taking top honors for reducing emissions.

Our mission is making eating vegan and vegetarian as easy as it is delicious

Our family recipes, passed from generation to generation, are delicious. We’re grateful that, with your help, families across North America can also know they are helping to fight climate change when they enjoy them. At Indianlife we’re proud to bring you vegetarian and vegan foods that are healthy for people and planet. Stay tuned for great new foods coming your way in 2019!

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