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Powerful Paneer for Heart & Soul


Paneer has been called a “vegetarian’s best friend.” Paneer is a nutritious fresh cheese that’s made in much the same way as Italian ricotta. An acid, like lemon juice, is added to hot milk. The curds are strained and pressed into firm blocks, which are cut into cubes.

Paneer is a staple in Indian cooking because it easily absorbs spices and flavorful sauces. It also adds vegetarian protein, and is a source of calcium, magnesium, potassium and other nutrients. But best of all, it tastes great in virtually everything!

Shahi Paneer is a rich North Indian curry fit for royalty – in fact, “Shahi” is a term for royalty. This is the real deal: pure creamy goodness with cubes of fresh paneer simmered in a sea of tomatoes, onion, chilis, ginger and our Indianlife Signature Spices. Served with our fluffy, fragrant brown basmati rice.

Palak Paneer is our family’s favorite version of the classic North Indian dish. “Palak” is Hindi for spinach. Also called Saag Paneer, our vegetarian staple blends fresh paneer cheese, pureed fresh spinach and Indianlife spices into a thick, intensely satisfying curry that’s as delicious as it is nutritious. Served with seasoned traditional basmati rice.

Shahi and Palak Paneer are amazing vegetarian dishes that warm the heart, soothe the mind and feed the soul. They fuel us to help us be our best every day – and that’s something everyone loves!

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