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Samosas: World Party Platter Favorites


Samosas are a food that’s truly captured the world’s imagination. In Canada they’re recognized as a national hors d’oeuvre. In the UK, April 9 – 13, 2018 was designated “National Samosa Week” (all money collected was donated to charity).

What makes samosas so special? Primarily the pastry. Samosa pastry must have just the right “bite” – light with the perfect balance of flakiness and crunch. Indianlife Samosas feature the signature pastry that launched our company: organic flour, sea salt and Non-GMO oil blended using ancient techniques. We wrap its flaky goodness around modern gourmet fillings of delicately spiced vegetables. These Vegetarian Times “Foodie” award winners are exclusive family recipes, available in 4 flavors: Country Potato, Masala Vegetable, Mixed Vegetable and Spinach.

One of the things we love about samosas is, in a sense, they symbolize how the passing of food traditions from one culture to another have shaped our world. Originally created in the Middle East, samosas were introduced to India by traders from Central Asia.

Samosas evolved as they traveled from region to region. For example, some experts believe that peas are the only filling ingredient that originated in India. Potato and green chili pepper were introduced by the Portuguese.

Serving Indianlife Samosas at your holiday gathering is a great way to symbolize that, at the end of the day, we are one human race sharing one planet.

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