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Wrap Your Favorite Fixins’ in Variety!

We get a lot of questions about our wraps – and for good reasons! We’re famous for the fastest-rollin’ Non-GMO Project verified wraps in the business in an amazing array of colors and flavors, with Certified Organic and authentic Indian spiced options available.

Our wraps are professional chefs’ and deli favorites for flavor, strength and flexibility when rolling. Each 100% vegetarian and vegan variety is made from the finest organic flour, Non-GMO canola oil, authentic Indian spices, pure sea salt and baking powder plus the freshest herbs, “superfoods” and vegetables. And they never contain cholesterol, trans fats, yeast, artificial colors or flavors or preservatives.

Combining our wrap flavors and colors creates a picture-perfect rollup tray. All of them are extra large, so they’re sized for rolling up even the toughest fillings while holding together and adding just the right “bite” to your creation. Here we’ve wrapped up some suggestions on enjoying these Indianlife favorites:

Masala Wrap: Subtly spiced with our exclusive Masala, try it with chickpeas or lentils, paneer cheese, chutney and veggies for an Indian lunch.

Pesto Wrap: Red peppers, italian dressing, provolone cheese and your choice of antipasti creates an Italian-influenced treat.

Spinach Wrap: The ideal breakfast rollup, and a favorite of kids of all ages!

Sundried Tomato Wrap: Combine with our other varieties for a rich burst of color, and tomato flavor that complements any fixins!

Chapati Wrap: An Indian food favorite, traditionally served with curries of all kinds!

Coriander Wrap: The taste of fresh Cilantro in a wrap – try them with fajitas or south of the border fixins!

Tortilla Wrap: Ole! Pile ’em high and roll up cooked black or refried beans, salsa, jalapenos, rice and salsa for a Mexican treat.

Indianlife Organics Chia Wrap: Certified Organic ingredients and great taste that complements and hold up to even the most demanding fillings. The goodness of healthy chia adds essential fatty acids. Holds together beautifully under even the most demanding fillings. So delicious with fresh hummous and feta!

Indianlife Organics Flax Wrap: Flaxseeds add lignans and essential fatty acids to this versatile Certified Organic wrap.

Indianlife Organics Kamut and Red Fife wraps: These Certified Organic wraps feature heritage wheat varieties and create incredible quesadillas.

Indianlife Organics Spelt Wrap: Spelt is an ancient Middle Eastern (and some believe slightly healthier) relative of wheat. Though not gluten-free, and not recommended for celiac disease, spelt can sometimes be tolerated by people who have problems with wheat gluten. Use wherever you would enjoy our wheat-based wraps.

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