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Cumin: “The King of Spices”

Cumin is a spice created from the dried seed of a member of the parsley family. One of the most ancient – and popular – spices, Cumin is a staple in Indian/Southeast Asian, Mexican and Middle Eastern recipes. Did you know evidence of Cumin use dates back more than 5000 years, to Egypt’s pyramids? Ancient Greeks and Romans regarded cumin as the “king of condiments.”

Cumin is used either as whole seeds (common in Indian cuisine) or as a ground spice. Its small, boat-shaped seeds are coveted and often hand-harvested. Cumin is one of the “must-have” pantry spices because it can be used in so many ways and recipes with its distinctive, spicy flavor. Our Indianlife Ground Cumin is traditionally milled to preserve each flavor note and beneficial compound.

And cumin is rich in beneficial compounds! In the Ayurvedic medicine in India, cumin seeds are considered valuable for digestive issues. These sensational seeds are a source of essential fatty acids, iron and other minerals, and vitamins B and E.

If you’re making an Indian recipe that calls for whole Cumin Seeds, Indianlife Cumin can be easily substituted. Our aromatic ground cumin is more concentrated than whole seeds, so you can use less than if cooking with whole seed. If your recipe calls for 1 tablespoon of whole cumin seeds, you can substitute 3/4 tablespoon of Indianlife Cumin. Ground cumin can be added to a recipe at any time and doesn’t need cooking time to release its flavor and oils. Whole cumin seeds are typically added early in a recipe as they need time for full flavor to be released.

Indianlife Cumin is one of our Indianlife Spices line, which also includes some of our exclusive spice blends or “Masalas”, pre-mixed to perfection and ready to use! Enjoy Indianlife Cumin in Mexican dishes, stir fries and curries, in rubs or marinades, in flavoring mixtures for kale and vegetable chips or crackers and more.

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